Personal Tuition

One-to-one tuition with a qualified teacher is undoubtedly the best way of learning a language. Your teacher can concentrate on your own particular needs and problem areas, and may well turn into a good friend! You will be more willing to perform and make mistakes in front of an experienced teacher, and there is no better way to build on existing knowledge and consolidate new skills. Your confidence will know no bounds!  

Two-to-one tuition can also work well, especially if the two of you are of a similar standard. There is the obvious advantage of being able to do role plays, an important tool for conversation and pronunciation. You can also do set homework together and practice between lessons. A bit of healthy competition can work wonders!

We can also cater for small groups of up to 6 (sometimes more, but many more than this would seem like a lecture). Small groups are good if the members are all concentrating on the same goal, such as business vocabulary, or making a presentation in a foreign language. Several businesses have remarked on our teachers' ability to get their message across to a group of students in a short time, inspiring enthusiasm and making lessons fun! 

Corporate Language Tuition in Central London and Greater London