Frequently Asked Questions

Can we learn any language?

The most commonly requested languages are English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian. See 'Which Language?' for the most popular language courses. In addition, over recent years we have seen an increase in popularity of Japanese, Mandarin, Dutch and Swedish. We also have requests for Modern Greek, Arabic, Finnish and over 30 other languages, so tell us your requirements and we'll do our best to match them.

What are the benefits?

A one-to-one tutor is far and away the most successful way to learn or progress with a foreign language. You are no longer in a classroom situation, so your tutor can concentrate on you, and your confidence will grow as you see the language really working for you.

You can expect to learn much faster this way than by other methods. There is genuine value in learning a language intensively. In the lessons you will find out how to communicate and deal with real-life situations.

What is the cost?

Our rates compare favourably with other leading providers:

  • One-to-one tuition: £40 per hour
  • Two-to-one tuition: £50 per hour
  • Small group of 3-4 students: £60 per hour
  • Medium group of 5-6 students: £70 per hour
  • Large group of 7-8 students: £80 per hour

9 or more students - price on application

Tuition is prepayable and based on a minimum of 10 sessions. We have found that the most effective lesson length is 90 minutes. If you would like to discuss costs and methods of payment then please do not hesiatate to contact us on 0207 1010 750 or

These prices include all tuition, lesson preparation and materials along with the teacher's time and travel costs, unless your office is based ouside central London, in which case travel costs may apply.

If you would like to buy your own text book to accompany the lessons then speak to your teacher - he or she will recommend one.

See a summary of our charges and what's included here.

Can we start right away?

Yes. Your tuition can start within a few days - once the decision has been made to have language tuition, it is best to start right away. We should be able to have your new course up and running in the current or following week if required.

Do we learn individually or in groups?

We specialise in one-to-one tuition and can also cater for small groups. Two-to-one works very well with students of the same basic level, while learning in small groups does have the advantage of the camaraderie it creates. A group of more than 6 could become more like a lecture, which is counter productive.

Can we be flexible with our lesson times?

Lessons work best if you have them on a regular basis. However we all know that sometimes obstacles crop up. Our teachers will be as flexible as they can to accommodate the unforeseen. As long as our teacher has 24 hours notice of changes and cancellations, you will not be charged for your lesson. The teacher will try to reschedule it in the same week if possible.

Will our lessons be relevant to our business?

We pride ourselves on being sensitive to your line of business. Our teachers are from many walks of life with a great deal of expertise and experience between them. We will match you with a teacher with relevant experience if we can. All our teachers are prepared to research your business in order to present the most appropriate lesson content and vocabulary - they will be rooting for you!

Can we have a trial lesson?

We understand the desire to meet the teacher and 'have a go' before you commit to a course of 10 lessons. However, our teachers will need to prepare lesson material and give up their time for a trial lesson. So you may prepay for the first lesson only, and if you are satisfied, as we feel sure you will be - you can pay for the balance afterwards.

Will the teacher come to our office?

Your teacher will come to your workplace to teach if there is a room/office available for the tuition to take place. They could also go to the student's home, or a quiet public place such as a cafe, library or The South Bank Centre/Barbican Centre.

Can we meet our teacher before lessons start?

Before tuition starts, your new teacher will call you to introduce her/himself and discuss

  • the form that the tuition will take
  • where to meet for the first session
  • what to expect during the first lesson.

How do we get started?

First call us on 0207 1010 750 or email to discuss your requirements.

We will ask you:

  • Which language you would like to learn
  • One-to-one or a group
  • Where and when you want the tuition
  • Lesson length (1 hour, 1.5 hours or longer)
  • Your reason for learning
  • Your language level and previous experience

During this free consultation, please ask us any questions you may have. Our role is to assist and guide.

What happens next?

After the free consultation...

  1. We will offer you the teacher who best matches your requirements
  2. We will confirm and give you our teacher's contact details 
  3. Our teacher will call you to introduce her/himself
  4. We will issue a pre payable invoice to be paid before the tuition commences.

Are materials included?

Yes, your teacher will bring along everything you need for each class. However, he or she may suggest a textbook to buy to accompany the classes. Click here if you wish to buy them online with us.

Will you assess my level?

Yes we will:

  • Your teacher will assess your level during the first lesson.
  • Your teacher will continue to make assessments of your progress.
  • After 50 hours of tuition we will send you a Progress Report free of charge.
  • You can request an additional Progress Report at any time for a small fee.

How long does it take to learn a language?

  • For beginners, a 20 hour course should be enough to grasp the basics of the language.
  • For 'rusty' learners who want to brush up, we recommend either an intensive course of 10 sessions or a steady 'drip' of weekly 1 hour or 1.5 hour lessons.
  • For advanced speakers wanting to fine tune their skill, an intensive course of 10 sessions would benefit most

Can we see an example lesson?

Here is a lesson recently composed by one of our teachers.

Will we receive a certificate?

Yes! We will issue the following:

Can we cancel an arranged lesson?

Yes. As long as you give your teacher 24 hours' notice, you can cancel or rearrange the lesson free of charge. If less than 24 hours notice is given, then the full fee applies.

Not quite answered your question?

Simply call us 0207 1010 750 or email

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